Children – Society’s Soul

Among the most hateful crimes are the ones you commit on weak. Children, the most vulnerable group has always been on high risk. The kind of inhumane children has to bear is beyond imagination.

The story of 5 years old girl who is raped and thrown like a trash bag in Lahore has disturbed me so much. To my wonder, the group of men who did this vile act walked away like nothing has happened. It seems like police and government machinery is in full action which I really admire. Everyone is hoping that police can arrest those men and give them the strenuous punishment ever.  

How can we save our children from such hideous monsters who are around us? Government, law enforcement and parents should work collectively to keep our children safe.

Talking about the role of parents, their most important role is to protect their children from abuse and neglect. Children depend on adults as they grow up. Parents, relatives, teachers and society can play an important role to protect children under their supervision.

In such society where child abuse is common, parents have to be very vigilant. They need to be alert all the time. I request them to let children go and play at an eye`s distance. They are your most precious possession, you are the guardians. Do not leave them unattended for even a single second. Do not let them play outside when you cannot keep an eye on them. Spend more time and create small things to engage them at home. In short do not leave your child unwatched and leave him/her in an unsafe place.

Following small precautions can be very helpful.

  • Communicate with your child and teach them what to do in such situation. The purpose is to prepare them without creating any fear.
  • Tell them not to go anywhere with not only strangers but any family member without telling mummy or daddy.
  • Tell them not have any secrets and do not go anywhere alone.
  • Stay with your friends and places you know whether you are at home or school. Let Mummy-daddy know where you are.

On the other hand if a parent is leaving their child with a relative or care taker make sure they are responsible enough to give the right attention and care. Call them couple of times to make sure if your child is doing ok. Talk to your child on phone and ask him/her if everything is aright.

Teachers should not let children leave the school alone. Every school should develop a policy that a parent, relative or care taker has to pick the child till middle school. If every school educate teachers about basics of child protection, they can play an important role in educating parents as well.

In last every member of society should keep an eye on their surroundings, if you see any suspicious behaviour step in and interfere. Support children as they are bearer of your future.

“There can be no keener revelation of a society’s soul than the way in which it treats its children”. Nelson Mandela


The Journey of a Thousand Miles

Traveling across the globe has given me the ability to understand the term “Strength”. It has satisfied my passion of understanding life from people`s point of view . My journey has started couple of years ago. I hope it will go on for years to come. During my journey I have came across so many fine individuals who has inspired me. I feel blessed to have an opportunity to meet them and more importantly get to know them via close interaction. Here i will pen down my experiences.

I am not a story teller but narrator of their marvelous strength.  I hope to continue my journey to meet many more people and show their strength to the world. I am truly thankful to all those people who have allowed me to be part of their journey which is full of pain, sorrows, happiness, laughter, misery and COURAGE. You guys have truly inspired me to become a better human being. Thank You!


Do not judge a book by it`s cover, it was the first thing that crossed my mind when I spoke to Rani. She was tall, brown almost 40 years old woman with missing and cracked teeth. When i first saw her i thought she is an ordinary domestic help.  One day when she was leaving after her shift, she asked me if i was fasting? I said yes and asked her the same question. My question was an ice breaker. She said she was fasting and when i appreciated her she sat down and shared her life with me.

“I was born in Faisalabad (Industrial city of Pakistan), my father was Imaan at a local Mosque and my mother was a house wife. I have never been to school but learned to read Quran at home. I was married before my 16th birthday with a boy who was 3 years older than I. Initially, we lived in the same village for four years  then me and my husband moved to Lahore for work. I came to Lahore with two little boys. My husband found a job at nearby posh colony as a night guard. After two months, I conceived my third child. Life was tough here. Rs. 8000 were not enough to feed my two boys and one unborn. It was difficult pregnancy and labor. I had my third child at home with the help of local midwife. When my third boy was 20 days old, i had to go out to look for work. I asked other women about work in my neighborhood who were already working as maids. A week later I went to see a lady, who needed someone to clean her dishes and wash clothes.

I was married for Six years when I was pregnant again. At 23, I had four children and was working as a domestic help for two households. I was unable to take care of my children, therefore I have put two elder ones to Madrasa (religious school). My new born and 3 year old boy used to accompany me to work. One day, when i was finishing my work around 4 o clock, my husband came to pick me up. He said we have to rush to the hospital as my 2nd boy fell from the roof of Madraasa. Later that night he took his last breath, unconscious and full of blood, in my lap. ”

Here Rani stopped for a minute and wiped her eyes. Leaving me with no words to speak. Then she started again.

“I went back to work after a week, as I had to feed three more children. Two years later I broke down again when doctors diagnosed that my youngest boy was deaf and he will not be able to speak. It was very difficult time. My husband was aloof and begin to stay out late. If i ever asked him, he became very angry and used to shout and slap me.  I left him on his own.

Six more years passed by, my eldest son had finished Quran and found the job as a driver. My third child was memorizing Holy Quran by heart and youngest one used to stay home. One day my husband came and told me that he was marrying another woman, and he would not contribute in our house financially any more. I could not say a word.  It affected my health and it gradually and I had menopause at the age of 36 . Two years ago my second child complained that he was unable to see clearly. I though he was making excuses to avoid memorizing Quran. One night I send him out to get milk, due to his poor vision he could not see a bike coming and got in to an accident. We took him to the state hospital. During scan doctors spotted tumor in his head.

During last two years I have spend all my saving for his treatment. Now i cannot afford more. He has lost his sight completely. He is sixteen now and whenever he complains about swear headaches, I buy him pain killers. I know he will die in a year or so. But I have faith in God that whatever will happen, it will be for the best of my son. I do not know where my husband is. He never came back. ”

She got up and said she has to go and prepare for Iftar (breaking fast). She got up and left. I thought how the word happy would lose its meaning if it were not balanced by sadness.


About me!


It is too crowded up here.

Not because of the people, animals, resources or plants! It is the brain cluster, which is integrating the solo appearance of humanity in to many dimensions.  I am here to contribute towards all those efforts which offer nothing but Peace & Justice.

I am not sure how successful my efforts will be, but when i will end my term of life i will be happy that i have striven to use every possible platform/resource against all the odds of this world which are affecting one of the most beautiful creation of God, Human.

copyright@2013 amnabutt


You know What is Weird?

Do not call me weird because

I speak different from you do

I am not as beautiful as you are

I do things different from you do

My dressing is contrary to yours

But call me weird

If I bear injustice and do not speak

If I kill my children because i cannot feed them

If I lose my family in war and still have a hope of peace

If Drones won`t stop me from going out and selling my goods so i can feed my 16 family members.

If fear of random bullet does not stop me from going to school!!!

Till then please do not call me weird!!!

Copyright@2013 amnabutt